keep up with your swimmer!

It’s great to watch our little ones learn new skills and enjoy swimming, but how do we keep up with our swimmers at the pool?

It’s always tricky taking your child swimming, fighting the temptation to surround them in floats and hold their side the entire length of the pool – we understand! At swim!, we love hearing about our swimmers enjoying time at the pool outside of lessons. For many, frequent visits can really help their confidence in the water and allow them to focus on their technique in lessons.

A lot of our parents and grandparents ask us if there’s anything they should be doing during these visits and the simple answer is 'no'. The best thing you can do for your little one outside of their lessons is to have fun and enjoy the water, go at their pace and let them show off their new skills they’ve learnt with us.

We think it’s important to work with you to make sure your child gets the best swimming journey possible, so always feel welcome to share anything you’ve noticed from your swimming trips, whether it be shouting about their fantastic new front crawl technique or a pool game you think we should try!


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