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holiday swimming tips to keep your little one safe this summer

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There’s nothing more exciting than being near water on warm, summer days. Young children are happiest when they’re cooling off in the sea or swimming pool, but we understand it can be extremely stressful for parents.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you keep your little ones safe this summer.

Get to know the area

When you reach your destination, thoroughly examine the pool area, particularly the depth of the deep end. Some pools have clear markings, but others don’t, so assessing the depth is sensible before you let young children jump straight in.

Children can drown in just a few centimetres of water so be vigilant.

The same should be done at the beach. Look out for lifeguards and flags that dictate varying water activities or danger levels. It’s also a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for any rocks or other potential hazards.

Piers can sometimes create dangerous currents in the sea so are always best to avoid water around them.

Know your child’s ability

Just because your child is a competent swimmer in a pool, it shouldn’t prevent you from taking precautions in the sea. Unlike pools, the sea is a different entity where big waves and rip currents can take the strongest swimmer by surprise.

Let your child paddle for a while at first to see if they want to go further. It’s never a good idea to jump straight in, especially when it comes to the sea.


Inflatable toys are a great way of keeping young children afloat in pools. However, you should never fully rely on them as they can deflate, obstruct, and hinder swimming techniques. It’s always better to use them as a fun accessory rather than a lifesaving tool.

Stick to one distinctive toy so you instantly recognise it and be sure to keep your eyes on your little one at all times. Chances are, they’ll be having the time of their lives, but it’s always sensible to remain attentive.

Always practice caution when using inflatables in the sea. Though incredibly rare, people have blown further out to sea when relaxing on a lilo and been unaware of the distance.

Always supervise

It’s highly likely that you already practice a high level of caution when your little ones are around, but keeping your eyes on them when they’re in or around water is an absolute must. Lifeguards provide an additional source of comfort but shouldn’t be solely relied on to protect your child. If you need to step away for a moment, make sure you delegate a responsible adult to supervise in your absence. It may seem obvious, but constant monitoring can often be overlooked.

Rule of thumb is to stay close to your child when they’re in the water. You can enjoy some fun time with them as well as having full confidence that they’re safe.

Never let children venture into deeper waters on their own.

Organise swimming lessons

Knowing how to swim is great fun and offers a wonderful freedom. It is also an essential lifesaving skill.

It’s important that kids become competent swimmers and knowledgeable about water safety so that they can enjoy the water safely on a family holiday. It’s a great idea to book a few swimming sessions in before the summer months. Regardless of competence levels, there is always confidence to be gained by spending time in the water in a safe environment.

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