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how to keep your little ones safe around water this summer

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Ah, the excitement of a holiday! Whether it’s a tropical beach getaway or a lakeside retreat, water often plays a central role in our holiday adventures. While it’s a source of endless fun and relaxation, water also demands our respect, especially when it comes to keeping our little ones safe. So, before you dive headfirst into your holiday plans, we’ve listed three simple yet crucial ways to ensure your child’s safety around water.

  1. Establish Clear Rules and Boundaries

If you can, take some time to establish clear rules and boundaries with your child. Discuss the importance of staying within designated swimming areas, avoiding rough waters or currents, and never swimming alone. Emphasise the significance of listening to lifeguards or adults and encourage open communication about any concerns or questions they may have.

By setting sail with these safety guidelines firmly in place, you’re equipping your child with the knowledge and understanding they need to make smart decisions around water, even when you’re not right there beside them.

2. Designate a Water Watcher

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle, but when it comes to water safety, vigilance is key. Designating a water watcher ensures that someone is always keeping a close eye on the pool, beach, or any other aquatic play areas. This designated adult takes on the role of a lifeguard, staying focused solely on supervising the children in or around the water.

Rotate the responsibility among adults in your group to ensure everyone gets a chance to enjoy the holiday fun without compromising safety. Remember, distractions like smartphones or conversations can wait when it comes to keeping our little ones safe in the water.

3. Have fun in the water together

Make water safety a family affair by engaging in water play together. Spend quality time with your littleoneĀ  in the pool or at the beach, offering hands-on supervision while also

teaching them basic water skills. Encourage them to splash, kick, and blow bubbles in the water under your watchful eye. By actively participating in water activities alongside your toddler, you can model safe behavior while creating cherished bonding moments.

In conclusion, a holiday by the water can be a dream come true for families, but it’s essential to prioritise safety, especially when it comes to our little water bugs. By enrolling following the above tips you can enjoy a worry-free holiday filled with sun, surf, and smiles all around!

So, pack your swimsuits and sunscreen, and get ready to make a splash on your next holiday adventure! With these simple safety tips in mind, you can dive into fun-filled memories that will last a lifetime. Happy swimming! šŸ’œ

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