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swim! lifesaving week: promoting water safety in connection with drowning prevention week

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In support of Drowning Prevention Week, swim! is proud to announce swim! Lifesaving Week, a week-long event dedicated to promoting water safety and drowning prevention. Taking place from 17th June to 24th June 2023, swim! Lifesaving Week aims to spread the message, educate, and continue the focus on water safety, aligning with the objectives of Drowning Prevention Week.

Drowning Prevention Week, established by the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK), is a national campaign aimed at raising awareness about water safety and preventing drowning incidents. swim! Lifesaving Week is a collaborative effort by swim! to contribute to this important cause and amplify the message of water safety across the United Kingdom.

Drowning is a serious global concern, with alarming statistics revealing the devastating impact it has on countless lives. In the United Kingdom alone, one person drowns every 20 hours, while many others endure life-changing injuries due to near-drowning incidents. As a leading advocate for water safety, swim! is committed to preventing drowning incidents by promoting swimming education and raising awareness about water safety measures. With a strong belief that every child should be able to swim 25 metres before leaving primary school, swim! has dedicated itself to providing premium bespoke facilities and highly trained swimming teachers across the country.

Insights from swim!’s research, gathered from a survey conducted with 1,074 participants, highlight the importance placed on swimming education.

Shockingly, the research revealed that 46% of respondents believe that swimming 25 metres on either their front or back is a sufficient level of swimming ability. However, swim! and Swim England guidelines recommend a higher level of competence, including swimming at least 100 metres without stopping, treading water, and experiencing swimming in clothes.

By promoting these higher standards, swim! aims to ensure that individuals are swimming confidently, especially in open water scenarios.

When it comes to public perception, an overwhelming 97% of respondents deemed learning how to swim of the highest importance, acknowledging its contribution to the development of essential life skills. However, the survey also uncovered significant barriers to swimming education, including limited school term availability (46%) and insufficient water safety coverage (27%) in schools.

As part of swim! Lifesaving Week, swim! is partnering with LearnLive for a special broadcast called “The BIG swim,” in collaboration with the JD Foundation. This engaging program will reach thousands of primary schools across the UK, providing an opportunity to discuss water safety and educate children about the importance of swimming. “The BIG swim” will be broadcasted on the LearnLive channel on 22nd June at 11am, encouraging widespread participation and knowledge sharing.

In addition to the broadcast, we will visit 6,000 children during the week, delivering face-to-face water safety assemblies with an Olympian delivering that assembly. These assemblies aim to educate as many people as possible, particularly in preparation for the upcoming summer holidays when water-related activities are more common. By engaging directly with children, swim! seeks to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to stay safe in and around water.

“We believe that swimming should be a fun and enjoyable journey for all swimmers, by teaching children how to swim at a young age, we hope to instil in each child the confidence and skills they need to stay safe in and around water for the rest of their lives. Our goal is to provide a supportive and enriching environment where swimmers can thrive and develop essential life skills.” – Becky Adlington OBE, Director and co-owner of swim!

swim! is dedicated to breaking down barriers to swimming education. The research findings demonstrate that price (73%) and location (49%) are significant obstacles for individuals seeking swimming lessons. In response, swim! strives to offer accessible and affordable options for all, ensuring that swimming education is within reach for every community.

By promoting swimming education and water safety, swim! aims to create a lasting impact in the fight against drowning incidents. Through “swim! Lifesaving Week” and its ongoing commitment to providing quality swimming lessons, swim! hopes to equip individuals with valuable skills that will keep them safe and healthy throughout their lives.

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