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are baby swimming lessons worthwhile?

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Many babies LOVE being in the water and find it lots of fun to splash about and explore their way around the pool. If you’ve been considering baby swimming lessons and are wondering if it’s worth it, or you want to know more about what baby swimming lessons entail, then you’re in the right place!

Firstly, it’s important to remember that it’s never too early to introduce your baby into the pool and help them build their water confidence. There’s no recommended minimum age, so even new-borns can start swimming lessons if properly supervised in a safe, family friendly environment.

Swim! baby is our dedicated programme for ages 0-3 and is made up of six groups for babies and toddlers to work through with their swim! buddy (parent/adult) to gain confidence and skills in the water.

But are baby swimming lessons worthwhile?
In short…absolutely!

Let us tell you a bit more about why…

water confidence from an early age
Baby swimming lessons are a really great way to build your baby’s confidence in and around water, learn water safety and develop independence in; and out of, the pool. Learning to swim and float from an early age are essential life skills that could come in useful at any time.

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that your little one can keep themselves safe both around and in the water. Introducing your baby to water during their early years can help prevent fear from developing later in childhood and make them, and you, feel confident should they ever be in an emergency.

Your child will need a swim buddy to get started. This can be any parent/guardian or responsible adult who will also be in the pool supporting your baby and joining in the fun! If this is going to be you, don’t worry if you aren’t a confident swimmer yourself, you’ll be there to hold and reassure your child and you may actually boost your own water confidence in the process.

safety first…
Our expertly trained swim! baby swimming teachers have a passion for developing your baby’s/toddler’s skills in the water. In your lessons, they’ll help you learn to safely support your baby in the water, offer guidance on how to hold and move with your baby, and help make your swim! experience the best part of yours, and your baby’s week.
For more information on the 6 unique swim! baby stages and what to expect during each stage, you can visit our swim! baby guide HERE

baby swimming offers plenty of health benefits
Baby swimming can support infants with their development as they grow throughout their early years, including:

  • Developing early motor skills and balance.
    Each swim! baby session is designed to help your little one practice movement and coordination with the support of the water and their swim buddy. It’s a great way for them to move around even before they can walk and crawl, helping to strengthen their muscles and improve balance and coordination on dry land too.
  • Keeping you baby health on the inside.
    Not only does swimming develop motor skills and build muscles, but it exercises the heart and lungs, and even boosts brain development!
  • Improving sleep.
    Splashing about and getting some fun exercise can help tire your child out, you may even notice an improvement in your baby’s sleep pattern! You can thank us later…
  • Increasing your baby’s appetite.
    After some gentle exercise and the soothing warm water, you can expect your little one to get hungry. If you aren’t exclusively breastfeeding your child, be sure to have a bottle or snack with you for after the lesson.

bond with your baby
Our swim! baby sessions include lots of fun activities and new experiences, creating unforgettable memories. As your baby’s buddy supports them through games and activities your child will build trust and feel comforted by their buddy.

Thanks to our small class sizes, you will get to have plenty of one-on-one time with your little one in the privacy of our family friendly swim! centres. From our clean, modern, and warm changing rooms designed for babies, toddlers, and their swim! buddies, through to our viewing lounge and social space with comfy seating and refreshments for after lessons, swimming with your little one is more than just being in the pool together.

It can also be a really great opportunity for your partner or a close family member like a grandparent to spend some time bonding with your baby (and you to get some well-deserved rest).

meet other new parents
While an amazing experience, there is no escaping that looking after a child in the early stages can sometimes be a lonely time. Classes like swim! baby are a great way to socialise in a safe environment and meet other parents or carers with little ones at similar stages who understand what you’re going through.

From chatting in the changing areas, to grabbing a coffee in the lounge after your lessons with other parents, swim! baby offers a safe, friendly environment where both you and your baby can socialise and meet new friends together.

fun, smiles, and the best part of your child’s week
The most important element to swim! baby is that both you and your little one feel comfortable and safe and have fun together. We understand that as a new parent, this time of your life can be extremely challenging, that’s why every swim! baby session is focussed on ensuring both you and your baby enjoy your time in the pool. From the fun welcome and goodbye songs with words and actions to help babies/toddlers recognise the swim! experience, to weekly themes and innovative lessons based around popular children’s stories, you can be assured that swimming will be the best part of both you and your child’s week.

Why not come along to a free swim! baby intro before you book and see the benefits for your baby yourself? Book yours today!

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