why swimming?


It turns out, swimming isn’t just a fun half hour every week. To start with, young swimmers have better balance and coordination than non-swimmers. Even for children as young as five, research shows that those that have swam since being babies already outperform their peers.

Adding to this, children who learn how to swim reach several development milestones earlier than children who have never been taught. And finally, with obesity levels rising and phones and consoles slowly taking over footballs and skipping ropes, it’s important to establish healthy habits earlier in life!

For your child to start benefitting from all that swimming has to offer, we’re here to give them the best experience possible! That’s why at swim! we’ve brought in some of the most experienced and respected coaches in child swimming to devise our programme, which includes:

- fun lesson plans that focus on great technique before distance
- swim! awards to celebrate achievements
- clean, modern and warm changing rooms designed for children
- a viewing lounge with refreshments and activities for the whole family
- simple online booking with direct debit payments so there's no need to re-book every few weeks
- members-only access, creating a safe swim! community for you and your family
- smart lesson management to help you monitor progress
- online guidance and support to help further develop skills outside of lessons  


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