top tips for starting swimming lessons

It can be daunting when starting your child off swimming, and that’s why it’s super important to give children the best swimming experience possible. The changing rooms, the environment, the teachers and of course the pool itself – the detail really counts.

When we were at the drawing board – the whole swim! team decided that this learn to swim experience needed to be different, and that it needed to change the way not only children, but families experienced swimming lessons in Warrington.

That’s why swim! is a lot different from anything you may be used to – the pre-lesson warm-up videos, the homework areas, the viewing lounge with refreshments and activities – we’ve really created something unique that the whole family can enjoy.

So, here are 5 tips for getting your child ready to start their swimming lessons:

1. Motivate your child before they get in the pool – swimming lessons are exciting, it’s as much about having fun as it is learning to swim!

2. Let them take in the surroundings of the facility – everything is child-friendly and has been designed with children in mind, to create a colourful environment that gets them excited about getting in the water rather than being nervous about it.

3. Trust the swimming instructor – we have a team of fully-qualified swimming instructors, and the safety of your child in the water is their first priority! 

4. Warm up! – that’s right, we actually have a warm-up video that plays before kids get in the pool. This means they’ll be raring to go by the time they get in and energized for their lesson.

5. Have fun too! Although the centre has been designed with children in mind, it’s a place where parents can relax too. The viewing lounge has refreshments and activities for the whole family – so there's no stress involved.

At swim! it’s essential that parents and children come and see the facility for themselves. You can book onto a free intro session where the teacher will properly assess your child's swimming ability to ensure they’re in the correct swim! group when beginning their swimming lessons.

You can book a free swim! intro by clicking here


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