water sensory activities to keep little ones cool this summer

Not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s a HEAT WAVE! ️ It’s hot, it’s sticky and it can be hard to keep little ones entertained outside whilst trying to prevent them getting over tired. Here’s a quick list of some sensory based activities designed to keep little ones busy for… well… as long as possible 😎


Sensory activities are proven to have a wide range of benefits. It improves individual skills such as cognitive, sensory, and gross motor skills. As well as encourage sensory development, scientific thinking, and brain development. Water sensory has all these benefits and is perfect for summer days. Try playing these activities outside to help prevent wet floors, and we’ve included lots of ice cubes to keep each activity cool and fun!


Holey Bottles:

Keep hold of some clear bottles and carefully puncture the bottle in different places. The water sprinkles out and the children will love trying to fill up the bottles to the top! The perfect opportunity to teach about ‘empty, full and half full’


Small Ocean life:
Take some different coloured buckets and add your child’ favourite sea themes toys inside. You can get as creative as you want, adding in strips of material to make sea weed, try adding ice cubes as icebergs! This activity is perfect for spade, sieves, and scoops.



Ice Sculptures:
The night before grab loads of random items and freeze them in lunch boxes. You could grab flowers/leaves from the garden, their favourite plastic toys, even bottle caps! This idea is one of our favourites and is guaranteed to keep littles ones cool and busy.



Water colours:
A great activity to encourage pouring and mixing. Grab some different sized bowls and spoons then pop a bit of cool water in each with some food colouring. Encourage stirring and pouring as the colours all mix together. Try adding some washing up liquid to add bubbles into the mix!



Sensory Soup:

Grab a tub of water or a water table and add in your little one’s favourite small toys that float. Then encourage to scoop the toys out and into a different tub, this really helps hand eye coordination and fine motor skills!



Things to remember:

-Safety first, small children can drown in just a small amount of water

-Expect kids to get wet! Don’t be putting them in their best clothes

-Be careful out in the sun. Stay in the shade, stay hydrated, get the sunscreen and pop hats on!

-Be cautious of ice burns


If you have any more ideas, or want to share any pics with us be sure to tag us! @weareswimofficial #weareswim


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