being a swim! baby teacher.

We caught up with our resident baby teacher Rachael from swim! Warrington. Over a cup of tea and talked all about things baby swim!

"The baby programme is full of many factors that I like to be a part of. Developing water 

skills and watching little one’s progress in the water every week is obviously the main 

aspect but there are so many more!"

Swim Buddies
"Watching parents form new bonds and experiences together. Watching buddies and little

ones learn about each other, develop trust, support each other and push each other out of 

their comfort zones, as a teacher and a parent myself,"

Rachael is a parent too! 

"I understand how hard being a parent is. Parenting has its highs and lows and I love being a part of swim buddies' journey. A swim buddies' day is more than likely full of daily chores and distractions

But when they come to their lesson they are away from the world and able to enjoy their

little ones and create memories with them. Building rapport with the swim buddies is just 

as important as with the little ones. I'm the listening ear if they haven't slept all week or to 

share their child's developments."

It's not easy being a swim buddy!

"Sometimes it's hard for buddies and they also may need reassuring. Whether it's 'don't worry this is just a phase, it will pass' to 'you have been so patient this week with little one' and 'well done!'.
As a teacher, you are involved in so much more than just swimming. It's the happy times, the fear, 

the struggles, the proud moments, and the joy."

What's your favourite thing about being a swim! teacher?
"The teaching is amazing, and you are in a child's world, playing and using your imagination

with each story each week. Being silly, creating smiles, and taking swimming to the next

level. Making a child smile creates so much joy and when little one shows you their trust it’s

just so rewarding."



If you have any questions about our swim! baby classes do not hesitate to get in touch.


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