swim! baby FAQ

swim! baby FAQs

Do you have an update on when swimming lessons will start again?

swim! are ready to safely open as soon as the government announces when leisure facilities can reopen.

What are you doing to make sure lessons are safe when we re-start?

Our team have implemented the necessary changes to ensure we follow Government and Governing Body guidelines to keep our team, swimmers and families safe.

Social distancing and increased hygiene procedures will be our main priorities. We have updated our H&S documentation and trained our team accordingly. All of our swim! team will be qualified in a Covid19 safety qualification before we re-open for lessons.

To provide a Covid secure environment. We will welcome employees, customers and swimmers into our facilities providing they are symptom free, a reminder of the symptoms are visible outside our venues.

My child hasn’t been in the water for a number of months, how are you taking this into consideration?

We know that our swimmers have not been in a lesson for a while and we want to make sure we re-introduce them in the safest way possible. Therefore our 1st week of returning to lessons will start on our lifesaving theme followed by an initial assessment. The lessons will focus on fun and confidence in the water and we will also be taking additional precautions with arm disks to secure the safety of swim! groups 1 & 2.

What happens if my child or a family member is feeling unwell or experiencing covid19 symptoms?

If you, your swimmer, or a member of your household or contact bubble displays symptoms outlined in government guidelines of covid19 then we ask that you follow the recommendations in government guidelines, and do not attend your lesson. As normal you can update your online account to let us know you can’t attend a lesson, or you can email us at

Can parents watch lessons?

Sure, but there will be some new adjustments that we will be asking all customers to follow these will be explained prior to you returning. This includes our new 1 parent/guardian to 1 swimmer ratio, to reduce footfall in the building to follow social distancing.

What kind of contact will there be at drop offs and pickups?

Parents/Guardians and swimmers will be greeted at reception and asked to enter the reception area to handover their swimmer to our swim! teacher, who will guide them through to poolside safely. Parents will make their way to the viewing area which will be set up for social distancing.

Can I bring other children to the lesson?

We ask that siblings who are not swimming either at the same time or where lessons are back to back that they do not attend the swim! venue. If this is completely unavoidable you will be asked to sit together within the spectator area abiding by the social distancing guidelines.

Do swimmers need to arrive ready for their lessons?

Swimmers be expected to arrive ‘Beach ready’ under their clothing 5 minutes before their lesson starts, waiting outside the venue on our blue flipper dots.

Are there any changes to the start or end of lessons?

  • Children will be expected to place on their own arm-disks before heading onto poolside
  • Children will be guided to their own wall spot, where they will find their own equipment for the lesson which has been pre-sanitised for them
  • Lessons will be in the water as normal, however teachers will teach from the poolside to ensure social distancing
  • At the end of the lesson children will be returned to their parents/guardians 1 at a time, who will be waiting in a numbered changing cubicle
  • Parents and swimmers will be asked to wait in their cubicle for a few minutes while the next class arrives for their lesson
  • When instructed by the swim! assistant, all parents and swimmers can leave the facility through the front door abiding to social distancing

Will equipment be cleaned and safe?

Yes, we will be limiting the amount of equipment we use in our lessons to essential buoyancy aids and necessary teaching equipment. Following Governing Body guidelines all pool equipment will be sanitised before each lesson starts.

Will there be enhanced cleaning measures in place?

Our swim! team will be cleaning all touch surface areas, changing rooms, and spectator areas with an electrostatic handheld sprayer before each lesson commences. Our cleaning schedule is checked after each lesson by the manager throughout the day.

Will we still have the same teacher?

Yes. The only exceptions will be those who swam with Catherine, as she is now on maternity leave. Shona will be your new teacher to replace those that previously swam with Samantha. Sarah will also be reducing her teaching days as she is in her third trimester of pregnancy. All other teachers remain the same.

Will the number of swimmers per class be lowered?

swim! already operates below the recommended Government and Governing Body guidelines for the number of swimmers per lesson. This enables us to comply with social distancing guidelines.

Can we use the changing facilities?

Changing room facilities will be open following lessons, we are asking customers to adopt a ‘Dry, Dress and Exit’ approach so we have time to clean the facilities between lessons.

Can we shower?

Alongside our ‘Beach Ready’ approach we ask that your child showers at home before and after lessons, as our showers will not be in use due to social distancing guidelines.

Is the Pool safe?

Yes, As recommended by PWTAG, there has been no evidence to suggest that coronavirus can survive in a well maintained and chlorinated pool. Like most other viruses and bacteria they are killed when in a chlorine solution.

Will you have a Perspex screen at reception?

Yes, we will have a protective screen at our reception area to protect our swim! team and customers.

Will teachers be giving regular feedback after lessons?

Our 1st lesson back will be lifesaving themed for your child’s safety and we will assess your child’s current ability. The next few weeks will be used to refresh our swimmer’s technique and skills. Verbal feedback will not be given after each class, whilst social distancing is in place. For any updates please speak with our reception team who will arrange for your teacher to call you and provide feedback.

Can the toilet facilities be used?

Our toilets will be open as usual, we just ask that you follow our hand washing guide posters and thoroughly clean your hands afterwards. We have also added additional sanitiser stations around swim!.

What if I arrive late for my lesson?

We ask that you arrive 5 mins prior to your lesson time, ‘Beach Ready’. If you are late you will be asked to wait until all previous swimmers have left the building before you can enter. This should be no longer than 5 minutes.

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How do I book on?

Once you have seen the lesson timetable and looked at the descriptions for each swim! baby group, your next step is to follow our simple booking process to set up a swim! account and select your class.

If you would prefer to speak to one of our team about the programme before booking, please get in touch with your local centre.

You can find out more about booking swim! baby here.

What can I expect at my first swim! baby lesson?

We will give you lots of support and guidance, starting with the basics - helping you get into and out of a pool safely with your baby. We will help you to feel confident by showing you lots of different ways to hold and support your baby in the water. Many of our activities are done as a group so you can watch what other swim! buddies are doing and learn from each other.

Who is a swim! buddy?

A swim! buddy is the person taking the baby/toddler swimming. Sometimes it’s mummy or daddy, but we also know grandparents and others take babies swimming too, so it’s our name for describing exactly what we think they are - a swim! buddy to the baby.

How many babies are in a class?

Our classes have up to 10 babies/toddlers plus one swim! buddy per baby/toddler in the water. This gives lots of opportunities for babies and toddlers to interact with one another and for our swim! teacher to spend time helping and supporting you where needed.

What does my baby need to wear in the water?

A two-layer nappy is required, this is a disposable swim nappy topped with a reusable neoprene swim nappy. Both nappies are widely available in a range of sizes, please ensure they have a snug fit.

What age can my baby start swimming?

Our programme encourages babies to start from birth, however if your baby arrived early then it’s always best to check with your doctor first. If they are fit and healthy, they can start at swim! baby once they are past their due date.

Can I bring my baby before they have had their immunisations?

Yes. Guidelines say you can take your baby swimming at any time. So, why wait, get your little one splashing about as soon as you are ready. See NHS guidelines for further information.

what will we do in our lesson?

Our fun lessons will be taught by expertly trained teachers who will deliver a programme appropriate for each development stage. We will encourage splashing, reaching, grasping, exploring, blowing bubbles, kicking, twisting and balancing. These skills will be creatively linked to popular children’s stories where your babies and toddlers will be going on treasure hunts, completing rocket blasts, collecting moon rocks, fixing things, exploring the pirate tickly zine, rescuing some animals, completing the castle obstacle course and playing the parachute game in the water.

Should I bring my child if they are not well?

We advise if your baby/toddler is unwell to not swim for 48 hours. If you have any queries about illness please feel free to give your local centre a call.

Can I bring 2 siblings to a lesson?

In order to keep our lessons safe and effective, only one swim! buddy per child is permitted in lessons. You are welcome to book two spaces and ask another swim! buddy to join the class with you, or perhaps book two lessons one after the other so you can take one child per lesson and have a helper on hand to change and look after them out of the water.

How do I find out how my baby is doing in their lessons?

You can view their progress on your swim! tracker, accessed through your online account, which will give you a personalised break down of how your baby/toddler is progressing.

Does my child get a badge or an award?

Yes. When a baby and buddy achieve all the skills required for a swim! group, they will receive a special congratulation in the celebration area to be presented with their badge and certificate. We also provide milestone awards, to celebrate their progress when working towards their next level.

How much do swim! lessons cost?

Find out the monthly price for your local swim! centre here. Select more info next to your chosen centre. Our prices are worked out based on 50 lessons per year split into equal monthly instalments.

Our monthly prices include:

  • members-only exclusive access to our swim! centre
  • 30 minute weekly lesson experience
  • all swim! awards (badges, certificates and stickers)
  • online swim! tracker to view progress

Do parents have to get in the water?

Yes. We call the adult with each baby/toddler a swim! buddy, they will be in the water during lessons.

What do you need for the lockers?

There are lockers provided in the changing rooms free of charge, however, please note that all personal belongings are left at your own risk.

Can I wear flip flops?

Yes, if you would like to. You can leave these on poolside.

Is there parking?

Yes. Please see our swim! centre pages for specific car parking details at each swim! centre.

Do I get discounts for multiple children booking on?

No. Unfortunately we currently don’t offer any discounts for multiple children.

Can family and friends come to watch?

Yes, definitely! We welcome friends and family watching you have fun with your baby/toddler in the water. We have a viewing lounge for all friends and family to enjoy a drink whilst they watch lessons, we encourage them to get involved in celebrating your awards. We kindly ask if a maximum of two spectators per child attend where possible as to accommodate all swimmers. We ask that no photos are taken of lessons for child protection.

Can friends and family take photos whilst lessons are taking place?

No, in respect of other babies and swim! buddies and for child protection reasons there are no photos to be taken whilst lessons are taking place.

What happens after the swim! lesson?

After you have completed your lesson and are changed, there is a viewing area where you can socialise, play and have a drink with other swim! buddies after the lesson in a family friendly environment. We will also give out any awards that have been achieved that day in our celebration area.

Do you have waiting lists?

Yes we do. Our online booking system will show how many spaces are available for each of our swim! baby groups and you can register your details if there is a waiting list.

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